Hi, I'm Ocean 阿晓 👋

I am an independent developer and a full-stack engineer with a strong belief in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). My interests lie in AI and productivity tools.

The following are projects I am currently developing:

Amazing Girlfriends RPG

"Amazing Girlfriends RPG" is a unique role-playing adventure powered by GPTs. You can interact with a variety of characters, each with their own distinct identities and personalities. They could be your friends, lovers, or something more, enriching your experience with diverse interactions and captivating storylines.

Game Highlights

  • Immersive Role-Playing: Dive into a complete narrative universe, where your interactions with characters shape the story and deepen relationships.
  • Diverse Characters: Choose from an array of characters, each boasting a unique backstory and personality.
  • Customizable Experience: Tailor your journey by adjusting character names, ages, personalities, and speaking styles to suit your preferences.
  • Progressive Levels: Your interactions will gradually evolve your relationships with the characters, unlocking new dialogues and plot elements.
  • Interactive Photos: Enhance the realism and enjoyment of your experience by requesting character photos.
  • Multilingual Gameplay: Enjoy the game in your preferred language for a seamless experience.


ZillionAI is an innovative AI tool designed to help gather and organize information effortlessly. It is still in development, and your can see the demo video at Twitter.

嗨,我是阿晓 Ocean 👋



神奇女友 RPG

"神奇女友 RPG" 是一款基于 GPTs 的独特角色扮演冒险游戏。你可以与各种各样的角色互动,每个角色都有自己独特的身份和个性。他们可以是你的朋友、恋人,或更多,为你的体验增添多样的互动和迷人的故事情节。


  • 沉浸式角色扮演:进入一个完整的叙事宇宙,在这里,你与角色的互动塑造故事并加深关系。
  • 多样化角色:选择一系列角色,每个角色都有独特的背景故事和个性。
  • 可定制体验:根据你的喜好调整角色名称、年龄、个性和说话风格,打造你的旅程。
  • 逐步升级:你的互动将逐渐发展角色间的关系,解锁新的对话和剧情元素。
  • 互动照片:通过请求角色照片来增强现实感和体验的乐趣。
  • 多语言游戏:以你偏好的语言享受无缝的游戏体验。


ZillionAI 是一款创新的人工智能工具,旨在帮助轻松收集和整理信息。它目前还在开发中,你可以在Twitter 查看演示视频。